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CSS Bug hunting

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Have you ever created a CSS layout and then suddenly noticed that it doesn’t look right in one or more browsers? When this happens, you may need to do some CSS bug-hunting. But where do you begin?

This slideshow explains a step by step approach to solving CSS layout bugs. Along the way you will learn how to resolve CSS syntax issues, use “Inspect Element” functionality, and isolate the issues using a variety of methods.

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  • Step 1. Finding CSS syntax errors
  • Common CSS syntax issues
  • Using the W3C CSS validator tool
  • Step 2. Targeting elements correctly
  • Understanding “Inspect element”
  • Step 3. Resolving selector weight issues
  • Understanding selector weight
  • Step 4. Isolate the issue to solve more easily
  • Step 5. Dealing with Internet Explorer
  • Writing IE-specific rules
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