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CSS Cascade

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When you write CSS, there is a strong possibility that you may have more than one property affecting the same element. This causes conflict. How does the browser know which rule to apply? This is decided by the cascade.

Understanding the CSS cascade is vital for all web designers and developers. This slideshow explains the cascade process from start to finish.

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  • Types of style sheets
  • User-agent styles
  • User styles
  • Author styles
  • Normal vs important
  • Understanding Conflict
  • Step 1 – Gather the declarations
  • Step 2 – Sort by origin and importance
  • Step 3 – Determine specificity
  • Step 4 – Determining order specified
  • Quiz 1: Origin and importance
  • Quiz 2: Specificity
  • Quiz 3: Specificity
  • CSS3 Cascade
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