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HTML Introduction

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HTML is a markup language for describing web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

This slideshow takes you through the basics of creating a web page. Along the way, you will learn about HTML elements, HTML attributes and Block level vs inline elements.

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  • What is HTML?
  • Creating a simple HTML page
  • Step 1: Create a new document
  • Step 2: Add a doctype
  • Step 3: Add the <html> element
  • Step 4: Add the <head> element
  • Step 5: Add a <title>
  • Step 6: Add the <body> element
  • Note: HTML elements
  • Step 7: Add an <h1>
  • Step 8: Add a <p>
  • Note: White space
  • Step 9: Add a <br>
  • Step 10: Add a <ul>
  • Step 11: Add a <strong>
  • Step 12: Add a <em>
  • Note: HTML attributes
  • Step 13: Add an <a>
  • Step 14: Add an <img>
  • Note: File paths
  • Step 15: Setting the <img> path
  • Step 16: Add a <div>
  • Step 17: Add an ID attribute
  • Note: Block level vs inline elements
  • Step 18: Add a <span>
  • Step 19: Add a class attribute
  • Step 20: Add an HTML comment
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