Tutorial 5 - Floating next and back buttons using lists

Step 1 - Start with a paragraph of text and a list

For this exercise, we want to float a "back" button to the left and a "next" button to the right. We could use two divs, but to make it simpler we will use two list items.

We will start with a paragraph of text and a simple list. The UL is styled with an ID selector (id="navigation"), and the two LI's are styled with class selectors (class="left" and class="right"). For this tutorial, obvious names have been used to help illustrate the point, but any name can be used. However, it is better to name classes and id's based on their meaning, rather than their appearance.

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<ul id="navigation">
<li class="left"><a href="#">Back</a></li>
<li class="right"><a href="#">Next</a></li>
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